Oh hai! Welcome to my humble site

inno profileHello, I’m Jaymi Elford (also known as innowen online). I’m not too good with introductions, so this is gonna be brief. I’m a writer, tarot coach, firespinner and avid reader. I grew up in the suburbs of Denver and transplanted myself to the pacNorthwet. I’m handfasted to my best friend, kender, and we have one cat cohabiting with us.

Writing is my life. As soon as I learned how to pen my name, I obsessively wrote it into books. I have an old copy of Dulac’s Snow Queen that bears witness to this (I cringe just thinking about it now though.) These days, you’ll find me writing dark fantasy stories for the Young Adult market, designing little white booklets for tarot decks, and writing about tarot in various ways. I love crafting stories that take place in a world-like-ours-but-only-slightly-different.

No matter where my life has taken me, my love for writing seems to always be there, in one form or another. I received a B.A. in English, minor in Anthropology, and have a Professional Writers certificate. My mind is active, spewing forth a constant stream of words: stories, articles, technical documentation. You name it, I’ve likely done it.

Other fun things about me:

  • Astrology sign: Leo
  • Favorite number: 88
  • Perfect food: Sushi
  • Occasionally dyes some of her hair in blue
  • Very passionate about swirlies and harlequin prints
  • Rabid book reader (loves google play gift cards)
  • My name appears above Neil Gaiman’s in the Ravens in the Library listing

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