Shout out to NaNoWriMo

I wanted to welcome the new visitors from the NaNoWriMo site. The Office of Letters and Light asked me to write a Portland-themed article for their blog tour this year and today they launched my post “Roadtrip to NaNo: Keep Your Novel Weird” today.

I’ve been a huge proponent of NaNo ever since I started. It’s a great way for people who want to challenge themselves to write a first draft of a novel, to actually do it, and do it with others who are attempting the same thing. I’ve done it 11 years in a row now and am currently seeking a home for one of those drafts (my non-fiction Tarot manuscript).

This site contains inspiration, stories, and real life struggles of a 30-something author trying to find her home in the writing world. Thanks for stopping by and if you have questions, drop me a line at innowen at I’m always willing to cheerlead those on to victory.

Good luck Wrimos, you can do it!

NaNo 2010: Write In Motion

Word Count: 13289 for a total of 53,607

I originally wanted to post this recap of Saturday’s awesomeness on Saturday or Sunday but my brain was feeling a bit too fried. Doing it today also gave me the distance I needed for perspective. One of the fun events that our Vancouver region does during NaNoWriMo is to do an all day writing event. Known as Write in Motion, this year we wrote across the town at various spots.

To summarize the event, We had a blast! Our ML, nancy, and I discovered that together we wrote one half of a novel in just one day with our combined word counts! As you recall, Kender dared me to wrap up my novel Saturday. And I’m happy to report that I beat that challenge and wrote 13289 words. Continue reading NaNo 2010: Write In Motion

NaNo 2010 Day Ten

Word Count: 2833 for a total of 25871
Revised Words: 5971 for a total of 29009

I’ve done it! I’m now on the backside of 50k words. I’m not sure if it’s all downhill from here but it does feel good. Julien has returned to the Earthborn plane and has been mirroring Tracy around. He’s trying to get a feel for what is going on and observing her activities throughout the day. He has yet to contact her directly through dreams but that will come soon enough. I did get Julien in trouble by first attempting to shift Tracy’s aura so that it’s more relaxed. Then I had him use her computer to try and uncover what happened after he died. As there was no info on it, he got frustrated and acted out. Which drew attention from those in the house. Julien has fled back to SGI HQ and tomorrow we’ll see what that does for him.

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NaNo 2010 Days 5-8

Word Count: 2973 words today, for a total of 20353

Hooboy. What a weekend. I didn’t post anything mainly because I was busy with a Tarot Intensive that my friend Katrina Wynne was putting on. Pretty much ate most of my waking time over the weekend. But I did manage to write just above the normal daily word count all three days.

So what is going on? Well, I graduated Julien and introduced Tracy and her plight. What a plight she has going on. Things are just getting worse and worse for her and finally she called out to have help from “the powers that be.” Julien is now briefed on her case and he’ll be sent Earthbound to observe and see what he can do for her.

My goal is to try and keep writing 3000 words a day and to wrap this up by Thanksgiving. Then it’s time to switch gears and work on some other things that have been neglected.

NaNo 2010 Day Four

Word Count: 3013 words today, for a total of 11770

Today was funky. I woke up late, and had to attend to Real Life things before I could actually properly sit down and focus on anything. I did manage to squeeze 250 words in before heading out, but it left me feeling off. When I got home, after doing errands and visiting a friend (and getting food into my belly), I sat down to hammer out 2000 words. And as you can seeā€¦ I completely wiped it off the map. Go Team inno!
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NaNo 2010 Day Two

Word Count: 3077 for a total of 5644

Today I took the plunge and badly wrote a car race and wreck for my MC Julien. Basically, the goal was to kill him off so the real story starts. A friend of mine remarked about why I did two days of “prewriting”, and I basically told her that I wanted to have a pre-living and death scene in the story so that the reader has a small chance to connect to the MC. This way we can watch him develop from a jock teen to a spirit guide in training. Tomorrow the fun part starts as I get to figure out the ins and outs of SGI, Inc and introduce both Julien and the readers to this new world I’m trying to create.
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NaNo 2010 Day One

Word Count: 2567

In 2008, while I went crazy and wrote a novel in a month by hand, instead of posting the whole thing live, I wrote about my writing experiences. This was partially based off a fellow writer (and friend) Jamie Grove. I didn’t do this sort of coverage last year but due to the whole social network thing getting tied into the site and all, I think I’ll bring it back. Click the more button to read on!
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