My First Tarot Publication

I can now finally say, that I am a published pagan/tarot author. It’s been one of my goals to start pushing out into the tarot writing scene and I’ve done it! I am very proud of this and hope there will be more chances to share and write about tarot in my future.

In the beginning of this year, I answered a call for writers from Megalithica Press asking for essays on how people use pop culture in with their magical life. I wrote a nice essay showing tarot enthusiasts how they could use pop culture with tarot. Including some of my secrets on using an iPod with tarot information and the cards.

The essay got accepted in the anthology and I was told the book would be due 2009. Well, I got my contributor copy last week. It’s out and available for purchase from either Megalithica Press (the publisher), or Of course, if you really want to help me and the publisher, I recommend you buy it directly from Megalithica. My name does not show up when you click that link, but believe me, I am in this book!

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i was adopted. i was born into identity. i have no idea where i came from historically or ethnically. Therefore, i am a culture of myself. All the activities and chapters in my life created who i am today. i am free to select those i deem worthy of being in my family. i do not have to abide by longstanding rules or regulations. i do not have to follow in the footsteps of some long dead relative. i am a culture of myself. What i do, the things i believe in, and the rituals i make... build my identity. i am connected to nothing at all, and deeply connected to everything around me. i came from the earth. i am a true child of nature and spirituality. This is my gift.

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