Summertime Fun Updates

So crazy month came and went and I’ve been spending the final weeks of August completing various projects. I got my level one certification with Katrina, started working on BATS items and Fall Equinox, and completed writing and sending in more reviews for Witches & Pagans magazine. Also been hard at work in trying to get my tarot business up and running. So far things are slow but steady.

The big news? Well, I learned how to crochet a few months ago. There was a particular thing I wanted to learn how to make so two of my fiber friends muddled through and taught me how to do it. And the amazing thing is that it’s stuck. I’m making thing after thing after thing and actually enjoying it. So, go figure. Continue reading

In the midst of the crazy

This month’s been crazy hectic for me. Everything just seemed to want to happen this month and I feel like I’m being marshalled through everything. Most if it is fun stuff but it’s the planning and coordinating and packing and making sure everything gets done in an orderly time that’s the stressful crazy bit. So, what IS going on, you might ask? Well…
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A Blast from the Past

During my college years (back in the 90′s), I was big into zines. You know, those hand-made, hand distributed, mostly photocopied magazines that focused around a singular topic. I had two of my own. Mirror Imyaj, a personal zine that I filled with musings of my mind and daily life. The name was suggested by my friend Sanjay and from there I made maybe 4 issues. (Imyaj is my name spelled backwards… clever isn’t it?) Eventually it became the digital name of my online journal here at Shades of Maybe.

The other one, Twisted Realities, was a fiction zine. I scoured the internets and my college for short (flash) fiction, poemtry, and essays with an edge. I was huge into postmodern fiction and wanted to create an outlet for my voice, and to publish others who had similar ideas about weird writing to mine. Twisted Realities had a two-issue run, mostly because it was hard to scrape up stories from others. But I was fortunate enough to have works by friends, as well as Lance Olsen, in the collections.
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Presenting Wine Inspired Writing Workshop

A few weeks ago, my good friend Anna and I decided to “do something together.” We weren’t sure what we wanted to do, so we brainstormed ideas. We listed things that we wanted to do (writing, design, divination arts, creative arts, writing) and from that list we brainstormed a few workshop ideas.

I’d like to present the first of our collaborations: Wine Inspired Writing. This course was inspired by Michael Gelb’s Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking. We explore the idea that wine can help inspire your muse and have designed some fun exercises to explore this connection! Click the read more link to learn more about what this workshop offers.
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Midnight Musings

Songs and movies affect me in weird ways. We just finished watching Jackson’s version of The Lovely Bones. It was hauntingly beautiful and weirdly done. Towards the end of it, an all too familiar song (Song to the Siren by This Mortal Coil) begins to play.

Images of my past scroll in my mind as they intertwine with the pictures dancing across the tv screen. Tears flow down my face as I wonder when my prose and the vivid worlds they create will touch the imaginations of others in this way.

New Renaissance Review of Fire from the Cauldron

The latest issue of New Renaissance’s newsletter features Shon Clark’s Fire from the Cauldron. I’m excited about this book because it’s the first book I edited for Megalithica Books/Immanion Press.

In this review, I gave some tidbits about what makes this book so important and special. Click here to go read it online. Thanks Erin Donley for allowing me to lend my voice to the review.