DIYP Article Up: Review of I’d Rather Be in the Studio

This week I write an apology and review a wonderful marketing book catered to artists who want to turn their artistic passions into a full time career. Go read the article to find out why I had to apologize to the author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio.

DIYP Article Up: Review of Scrivener

This week, I wrote a review of my favorite writing application, Scrivener. If you own a Mac and are serious about writing in any capacity or genre, I highly recommend you get this application. It organizes your thoughts and has a built in revision tracking system that can keep up with all your drafts. It makes writing fun! Go read my review and see what else I had to say.

DIYP Article Up: Tarot for Writers Review

Tarot and writing go hand in hand for me. I entertain thoughts about writing a book on tarot one day and had hoped to include in-depth material on using the cards with a creative writing practice. Corrine Kenner beat me to that, with her Tarot for Writers. Now if I ever write that book, I’ll just be adding to the discussion she started.

I loved Tarot for Writers. Go read my review and find out why.

DIYP Article Up: Road Trip to Tom Bihn

Last Monday Michelle, Ember and I drove up to Seattle to visit the Tom Bihn bag factory. We spent the afternoon with Phil (who moved up to Seattle a few months ago). A good time was had by all and I got to interview with Tom in the process.

That interview is now up on DIY Planner. You should go read it and see what we chatted about