Women’s Voices Anthology now out

I have a few cool things to announce this month. On a whim, I submitted Touched to a Young Adult Novel Discovery Contest offered by the Gotham Writers’ Workshop. The contest asks for the first 250 words and the title of your novel; but the grand prize gives the winner the opportunity to submit their manuscript to a YA literary agent and a free writing course. It was mostly a spur of the moment thing, but I have just as much of a shot any one else. They’ll announce winners in February 2010.

I received news today that the Women’s Voices in Magic anthology is now in print! Order a copy of the book online through either amazon.com or the publisher. Please note that Immanion’s US fulfillment team won’t have copies in hand until the latter half of December, but they’ll keep track of pending orders.

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Ravens in the Library Going Out of Print

Haven’t snagged your copy of Ravens in the Library yet? It may already be too late!

Ravens in the Library will be going OUT OF PRINT this month. The current print run is the last. Thank you all so VERY much for helping us make RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY a success, helping Ms. Tucker and – in the process – creating and supporting a kick-ass collection. Thanks, folks!

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy, read the works inside and supported this endeavor. I’m glad to have been a part of the cause.

Norwescon Reading and Signing Recap

Like I alluded to on my twitter/facebook accounts, this second trip to Seattle was nothing short of magickal. There is so much going through my head I had to take most of the weekend to sift through it all, and while I’m still sorting through the experiences, I wanted to get something posted here right away. Once again, this is quite the long posting.

I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of doing daily tarot readings and kicked Friday’s festivities off with a three card draw. As it aligned perfectly with my feelings for the day, I will use the cards to structure my summary here.

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Into Seattle once more…another RAVENS signing

Looks like I’ll be back in the Emerald City (Seattle) this Friday. The RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY crew flock at Norwescon. We join s00j and Catherynne M. Valente for a concert/signing/gathering.

The fun starts at 3pm and goes until whenever. So if you missed me last time, come on down and party! As always, I’ll have my camera for shots.

First RAVENS Review

k_crow, over at LiveJournal, posted this wonderful review of RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY. The review details each story by itself, so beware of spoilers to those of you who have yet to read your copy. I especially liked what she said about my story. (Does this mean I’m a bit biased?)

The Dreaming Ravens Signing Recap

Yes, I know this post is a bit late… I’ve been running non-stop since I got home from Seattle on Thursday. But I wanted to get this out there. In short, I had a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed my first signing and savored the conversation and antics with my fellow contributors: Brian Syme, Phil Brucato, Sandra Buskirk, Kris Millering, and Angel Leigh McCoy. Thank you all, and for those who came out to the store, for a memorable night at The Dreaming Comics. You can check out the pictures in my gallery.

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RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY Seattle Book Signing

Click to read the official post for the RAVENS in the Dreaming book signing:

To celebrate the release of RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY, we are having a Book Signing! Please join us and our friends SatyrPhil Brucato, Sandra Buskirk, Angel Leigh McCoy, Kris Millering, Jaymi Elford and many others.

This is a once in a life time book! Please call to reserve your copy, limit 2 per customer. This can also be ordered online, for a limited time, through: http://www.sjtucker.com/ravens.html.

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RAVENS in the Box

This is going to be quite the long post, so you may want to click the title to read the whole thing. We had a wonderful time in Seattle at the packing party and I want to first thank everyone for their help, host-age, and good humor. I had a blast! You can go here to see all the photos we took.

On Saturday I drove Kender and Ember up to Seattle. Our journey started at 7:30 am, with a quick trip to the gas station and Brewed Awakenings for iced and extra hot mochas. We took a brief pit stop an hour later and hopped back into the car. We made really good time (despite all the cops on I-5), and arrived about 15 minutes before the party got started. Unfortunately, there were no fooderies to have lunch so we didn’t eat till way later. (mmm pizza)

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RAVENS are in the house

Copies of RAVENS IN THE LIBRARYThey’re here. They’re REALLY here. Copies of RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY exist. Phil and Sandra received 700 copies of the books today. Pictures exist, of the two editors holding the books up, on various social sites. They’ve dropped off some of the books to the first Seattle retail outlet, The Dreaming. The books, themselves, LOOK gorgeous. They’re also FAT.

I am so stoked, all I can do is SQUEE around the house and online. I’ve edited and re-edited this post in the hopes that I got the words out and in the right order. Tonight was our bi-weekly D&D game but… I think I’m a bit too hyper and RAVENS crazy to pay too much attention to the HUGE level raising battle my character took part in (and without armor I might add). Sorry Kender, niraja and ed, thanks for dealing with me.

Saturday, we wake at “way too early A.M” and drive 3 hours North to Seattle for the packing party. I will take pictures and continue to wander around SQUEEING. Continue reading RAVENS are in the house

New RAVENS Update

RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY hasn’t returned from the printers yet. They’re running behind schedule, and neither the editors nor the printers want to rush on the books. (Which we’re all happy about, right? Getting quality books is a happy thing.) As such, there’s no packing party tomorrow. If the books arrive next week, there MAY be one next Saturday.

Thanks for the support and I’ll keep you all informed on when the books arrive.