2008 in Books

This post was totally inspired (ripped off) by Jenn. Earlier this year she introduced me to GoodReads, a site dedicated to books and reviews. It’s been a long standing desire of mine to somehow record and keep a catalog of all the books I’ve owned and read. Many of the books in my montage have reviews associated with them.

Therefore, for those curious about my reading habits: what I read and how many I go through, here’s an incomplete listing of all the books I read (owned and borrowed from the library) in 2008. I love how the covers look. Yet, I look at the montage and feel that I read A LOT more. Fifty-four books in one year seems a bit… light to me. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep better track of all the books I’ve read as well as getting all the books I own into the GoodReads system.

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