2010 Intensions

With 2009 all wrapped up, I wanted to announce my intensions for 2010. On new years’ eve, me and a few friends got together to do a small ritual honoring the good/bad that last year wrought and to write intensions for 2010. I think I used up three sheets as my mind spilled forth all the things I wanted to let the universe guide me into doing this year.

In 2010, I intend to:

  • Get two items published in printed works. (I know I have one item waiting to come out, but need to seek out two more markets for this goal.)
  • Revise TOUCHED and get it ready for query submission.
  • Figure out how to start a tarot business (and implement it).
  • Continue to improve the health of my life physically, mentally, spiritually.
  • Expand my writing into the metaphyical markets more.
  • Honestly, it’s been a rocky start with me being sick for a week or so. On top of it I spent a solid 7 days in Denver helping out the family but not getting much else done.

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