2011 in Books

I stepped up my reading habits this year and here’s a nice graphic of all the books I read in 2011. I also completed my GoodReads.com reading challenge of 100 books in one year.

Jaymi’s 2011 book montage

Zombies Vs. Unicorns
Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go
Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be: Lessons on Change, Loss, and Spiritual Transformation
Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom
Spiritual Mentoring: A Pagan Guide
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary
Happy Hour of the Damned
Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters
Dark Oracle
The Demon's Lexicon
Brightly Woven
Beyond Prediction: The Tarot and Your Spirituality
Rituals for Life: Create Your Own Sacred Ceremonies
52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity

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