3 Words

The heart holds
With no fail
Secrets that which
True Love feels.
I believe in many things
This be true
But of all secrets known
Within deepest desires
Lying within known
You- with the undying care
The eyes- searching deeper, farther
Than dared impossible.
Within my eyes, my soul cannot hide
For there’s always something there
Waiting to be discovered.

I want to tell
Allow all to be spilt
Fear of the greatest rejection
Holds me within
Tying my thoughts tight
My life is an open book
This be trus
That whatever goes- come what may.

My wish
Something I just can’t have
To be loved
Fully, unconditionally, and
Without false promises of hope.

Now let it be known
With words that can’t conceive
All that I wish I could say
That in being you-
All personality, looks, and light
Shinning inwards
I want to say
Three simpe words
That can- cannot be believed
For thoughts are of perplexing orgin
Seen in wrong ideals- right half truths.

Summing up courage
Shoving pride away-
Praying that it’s not mistaken
Three words
Most powerful known
Can make and break at will.
For al that it’s worth
In heart, soul and mind
Not seen in lust
Or in inmense infatuation
For what you are
And all that goes within
And out.
Relationships made
And are easily broke
But, when Love is
Seen from within
Rather than out
Is the Love known
And treasured most.
People may think that my
Words are false
Known only in their naievity
but that what matters
I only know
Three words
Spoken and trashed by most
Meant few and whispered mine
Just so you know
That I care
About so much more
Than one thinks.
All you have to remember
Is three spoken words
Said in truth unveiled
Purest in form
And never broken.