800 Miligrams

All You Had to Do Was Ask
The air outside, thick and dense with fog. Inside the swirling activities within my mind materialize denser. The firelight flame flickers dancing to the melody my mind manufactures. Over and over the rhythms of words not said repeat themselves.

I never asked for anything. Expected nothing, in return. Friendship isn’t based on reciprocity. It’s a gift, made to share, no strings attached. No regrets. That’s when relationship happens. The next step.

Sure, I wanted a rose blossom bloom but left the care and growth in your hands. Brown eyes and puppy dog wishes. Reflective like mine. A mirror image stolen strong. Fantasy. Fiction. The fog lifts, and reality imposes back upon me. The romance of the fire flashes out as the logs burn. All that’s left (realization) you are the same as anyone else. Human. Brown eyes deception. Always, I search in wrong places.

What if you met an angel, what would you say? Would you recognize her?
What if I told you that I was an angel and cut myself because I wanted mortality.

Death will give me back my wings as I walk the tightrope game of life.

sexy kewl man, deepbrown seduction eyes, sweet elixir kiss… seeks easy prey, passion kills on first strike.

But You Didn’T
That my friend was why I didn’t stay. You never asked, or reached out accept my offerings. Like the fog, I left, as soon as the mystery and glamour departed like the excitement in your eyes a reflection of quintessential desire.