A Stupidity of Humans

Rainforests, waste, and animal testing
What can it all mean?
A Stupidity of Humans
few who care
When will it stop-
Is this the result…
of an inhumane society?

We hear the stats
We see it on the news
Our vision is blurred…
with glorified thoughts of power
One planet, endlessly crying out
unanswered help
Is this the price we’ve paid…
to gain the knowledge?

Earthday and Greenpeace
have all but done their part
Alas, what little effect it has…
on this insecure world about us
Now it’s all up to us
the Inhabitants of the Living Earth
Is this our way of saying Thank You…
to a universe who has given us life?

I had a dream
That one day the mass killing
The destruction…
our rainforests,
the air we breathe,
all the beauty about, and abroad
Will all be but a black memory.

The Last Frontier
Some say it’s conquering space
Others believe it’s the discovery of an afterlife
That’s all but a Stupidity of Humans
The few of us who care…
we think it’s the regeneration of our home.
For, as the wise man says-
Beauty is in the mind of the beholder and
something this good comes only once in
-a lifetime.