Pop Culture Grimoire

Book Cover: Pop Culture Grimoire

My first metaphysical publication. In my essay, "Pop Goes the Tarot," I explore different ways you can use a tarot deck and pop culture. Learn how to read for your favorite tv/movie characters, and create your own iPod tarot deck!

The Pop Culture Grimoire features essays on how to integrate popular culture into your magical practice and gives you access to creative applications that you can use to inspire your own exploration and experimentation. With essays by notable magicians Lisa McSherry, Lupa, Patrick Dunn, Andrieh Vitmus, Bill Whitcomb and many more, The Pop Culture Grimoire offers a variety of perspectives on how to make pop culture magic work in your life. In the book you will learn how to: Use your iPod to create a music based Tarot reading, Create a pop culture music theme list that you can use for magical rituals, Build your own pop culture toolkit, Use World or Warcraft or other online games in magical rituals, And much much more...

Publisher: Immanion Press