Coyote Lives

Coyote lives for the moment
On the brink of insanity,
Acting as if he knows not what he does
Always taking risks-
Plights in the challenges to outdo.

He lives in the shadowlands of the mind
Cropping out when we least expect
Surprising us when we least expect
He lives as the jester, the fool
Pure and innocent
Encompassing the pleasure of life
Draws in the excitement of the new

The chaotic order of life in the universe

Coyote is…
the neverending search for identity
the one that lives in the now
He that finds within- the child…
the true nature of life.
He is the being in all of us
Who takes part in celebration
Of all that delves into the perfection of the Earth.
He is the discover of originality,
The masterer of majic
The maker of the many drumbeats of life.
To him- life has no boundaries
All can be done.

He is the unknowing known…
The eye that can see the hidden
Within all that can be seen
The shadow of life .

Coyote does the unexpected. He twists and turns through the path of life. Not
caring of hurry or purpose, following the path of excitement and wonder. Teaches all yet never learns, delights in the excitement of play and story. Uses his mind for the exploitation of all that is known. Searches for the unknown in life. Hatred knows no name to the Coyote, for he provokes with the kindness of jest. He defys the norms of society. He makes the impossible into reality, using his bags of tricks. He lights the skies at night and tricks the dawn to get them back. He laughs in the face of death- for even he has tricked the greatest Trickster of them all. He reflects the child in us- the one who took part in the mischief and wonder that life is filled with. Throughout time a symbol of power, he is the child that we all wish to be. The one that takes the vital spark by both hands and goes with it to wherever it may roam.

To me he wears the badge of having taken life to a higher state. He cares for all yet he hurts without knowing. He makes my life exciting, he is the drug, the disease in my brain- that craves to live life to the extreme. Without him it is meaningless.

in your wisdom we do follow.