Daily Grind 03.05.08

innoSpeak Word of the Day: lolspeaker (noun): A misinterpret of the word loudspeaker. Commonly occurs when someone speaks unintelligable sentences over an intercom system so the meaning gets obscured.

Random Note: The word “rendition” seems strange to me, in an archaic sense.

Current Works
Flash Fiction: Kender gave me a new project to do tonight. Every day, I am supposed to write a 5 minute “flash fiction” story on an index card. He’ll give me the topic and then I get to write a complete narrative that takes me no more than 5 minutes to do. This way, I complete a whole story in one day. And feel good about being a writer, and accomplishing something. Tonight’s topic was on the heating vent next to my writing corner.

Dayjob: Learning the system and workflows that will be the bulk of daily writing.

Journals: Wrote in a few of my journals. Trying to “catch up” after having set it all aside for awhile.

DIYP: Started research for a few new review pieces. Need to write and get them up at some point. Also addressed a few miscellaneous items on the site.

It’s funny, now that I have a full time contract, I seem to be getting offers for my skillset from seemingly nowhere. Yesterday, I had to respond to a headhunter who was hiring for a company out in Beaverton. Today, I got solicited to submit my resume to another place who was looking for skilled workers. And this doesn’t take into account the small projects I’m currently involved with in small companies on the web.

It’s a good feeling to feel needed for one’s talents. I went so long thinking that my skill-set was not up to par or undesirable that I worried and fretted. I tackled on so many personal projects so I could look more desirable on page. And here I am… having to turn down things. Such a weird place to be in for once. Now if I could only figure out the balance with time… I’ll be all set to accept or turn down side projects accordingly.

To Do List
— read
— write
— discuss more writerly things with Jenn

Ye Olde Linkfest
How to Write Remarkably Creative Content A short essay with a bit of a misguiding title. This piece reminds us all that creativity just isn’t “art or seeing life in new ways” but a powerful tool that allows us writers to give value back to the world in our messages.

How to Take Notes Like an Alpha Geek A much longer and more in-depth article about how one geek takes notes. I love reading things like this, as it gives me ideas on how to incorporate new techniques into my productivity habits. His ideas aren’t ground breaking but they are a good reminder of good organization habits for note taking.

Print On Demand Comparison Chart This link directly relates to my 2008 goal of self-publishing my own book. My friend Kim sent it to me. It gives a small list of POD sites and their merits and flaws. It’s given me some food for thought on who I may end up going with to get my novel published. But it also doesn’t list a few of the sites that I am checking into myself.

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