Daily Grind 03.06.08

Happy World Book Day
Word Count: 65 words

Current Works
Flash Fiction: Finished today’s Sketch in about 4 minutes. Kender had me write about an elf who fires a cannon on a beach. It’s cute, quick and funny.

Dayjob:Got a new project today. Create a glossary of part names and definitions. Should be fun. Also a good way to help me learn the product too.

So very tired today. Had issues sleeping last nite. Of course the loss of sleep never makes for a good day. I had to refill some meds and accidently ordered the wrong one. Oops. So now I get to redo that tomorrow. I hope that we’re able to go to bed early so I’m not a zombie this weekend. We’re going to the coast for an overnight jaunt and I want to enjoy myself.

To Do List
–Refill prescriptions
–Pick friend up from Amtrak station
–Write and read
–Crash and sleep

Ye Olde Linkfest
Writer’s Rooms Here’s an interesting page from the Guardian that takes a peek into the rooms where writer’s do their work in. I love seeing this stuph… being a voyeur into the lives of people whose work I admire. Maybe one day I’ll show everyone what the space looks like around my desk (hint: it’s totally littered with books and paper, I can hardly get in and out of my chair.)

The Literature Map This is a fun link. You type in the name of a writer and then watch it as it dynamically creates a mind map showing you the names of similar authors. The closer those writers are to the name you entered, the more likely you might enjoy those new authors. It’s a great way to learn and find new writers to love and collect. Currently lists only FAMOUS ones. Didn’t even recognize my name or my maiden name at all. *hrrumph*

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