Daily Grind 03.12.08

Welcome to the pacNW Ed!
Word Count: 100ish (sketch and bio)

Current Works
Tarot Essay: Wrote my bio for the piece, in addition to fixing the 3 comments that the editor had. I filled out the contract and submitted it as well. Now… we wait until the book gets into publication cycle and then published next year!

Sketch of the Day: Kender gave me the subject, “a leaf falls from a tree”. Finally an easy topic for me to visualize and write. Go check out the result.

Dayjob: Continued reading docs to assemble the glossary.

ClearAccess: Spoke with Joel at ClearAccess regarding his thoughts and desires for a manual. Have a much better idea of what they want now, and still think it’s doable. ANd fun. I like writing manuals and trying to get them readable to the widest audience available. However, I have two concerns: how much time do I have realistically to give to this project and how to give them a fixed-cost estimate. I believe this project is a bit bigger than a fixed-cost would be. I have some time to think on this as there’s still some documents to read and a scope to create.

This evening was perfect. It was grey and overcast but a bit warm. The smell of wood burning fires filled the air and it reminded me of the up and coming festival season.

Went for a real run today, my first 1.3 miles on solid ground since starting to work out again. I need new shoes, the old Nike Pegs that I bought oh-so-long-ago are dead and my feet are feeling the pain of flat shoes. Maybe I’ll head out this weekend and treat myself to a pair of new shoes.

Other than this, not much to report…just the same old thoughts of trying to find time to fit way too many fun and creative writing projects into my life while doing tech writing full time AND have a happy hubby life. One of these days I may figure out the secret to doing all this at once.

To Do List
— get Studio ready for Ed’s arrival
— exercise
— get finished draft of tarot essay out to editor
— write

Ye Olde Linkfest
Dutrope This site gives a list of over 2000 places to publish stories and novels. I haven’t searched this yet but I think it’s going to be an awesome resource. It even offers a free online submissions tracker, that alone is rather neat.

9 Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing Goal This article from Dumb Little Man has some good suggestions on keeping a writing life and your goals on track. Most of these ideas aren’t new to me, but like much of what I read about the writing process, are a constant reminder of all the things I should do to meet my goals of being a successful writer.

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