Daily Grind 03.16.08

Word Count: 110

Current Works
Mythic Writers: Got together with Kim, purchased domain account and created the website for our mythic writing non-profit org, Mythic Writers. Not much is there yet, but we plan on getting a blog, forums and a few other goodies up and running soon. I can’t wait for us to get this up and off the ground.

DIY Planner: Finished the spring cleaning of non-published works. Approached writer who had submitted article for publication about getting it on the site for tomorrow. He agreed, and the article is now in the que for tomorrow. Also going over more apps for review for site.

Sketch of the Day: Ok, kender’s trying to get tricky on me. Tonight’s bit, “the faerie makes good it’s escape”, is now up for your reading pleasure.

I really should not be allowed to drink anything with caffeine. Even just a little amount gets me so hyped up. But yeah, wanted a chai to sip and drink while working on the Mythic Writers site. *gryn* Fast forward to now, 3 hours later, and I am still all hyped up as hell and trying to get my mind to slow down so I’ll be able to focus on getting some creative writing and reading done after dinner.

Overall, I feel like it’s been a really productive day and weekend. On Friday, we went to Powell’s where I found a free book that’ll become the basis for an art class in October. I also received a new doc to go over and format for Clear Access. Spent 3 hours on that, and will spend another couple of hours on it between today and tomorrow. Love my books. Have so many new ones sitting next to my work area that the stack is almost as tall as the windowsill. Gotta start reading faster. And then, of course, got work done today.

To Do List
— meeting with kim, re: mythic writers, at the Ladybug Cafe
— go thru unpublished entries in DIYP
— write
— journal
— read

Ye Olde Linkfest
Fun Dashboard Widgets for Writers This post, from Poynter Online, gives a list of fun dashboard widgets for us Mac OS X users who also write. I personally love the TPS Reports widget (gives you fake place holder text for projects) and the Word Counter Widget (does the word counting for you).

Literary Rejections on Display Blog Here’s a site that is entirely dedicated to writing rejections. Jenn showed me this site the other day as we were talking about fears of writerly rejection and jealousy. I started poking around here but need to do some more.

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