Daily Grind 03.17.08

Happy St. Patrick’s Day
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Current Works
Dayjob: Continued on with the glossary. Tomorrow I get to switch gears a bit and work on a new project. Exciting.

ClearAccess: Finished round one of the doc revision. Sent this off to review with the marketing director. Need to make final touches to the Word doc version while at work and have a PC running MS Word available. Sorta wishing everyone there had a mac and Apple Pages. Currently coming up with quotes and estimates for 2 other projects.

Sketch of the Day: Kender tossed me an easy one today, “The Floating Castle”. I sorta like this one.

Researched potential market: While reading the Writer’s Journal, I came across a magazine, Wine Adventure, who is accepting essays that fit into their magazine. For my last birthday, my friends kidnapped me and surprised me with a wine blending class. It was a good experience and I think it’d make a good essay. Need to find a copy of this magazine to read and request writing guidelines.

Been thinking a lot about time and personal projects. Part of me wishes I had more time to work on my personal projects, while the other half thinks I should figure out how to utilize the time and pockets of time I have now a bit better. I feel like my work is on a rushed schedule and that my writing style and voice suffers. I wish I could write more like Jenn and carefully craft my prose so it turns from rough uncut crystals into polished gems.

I went to bed last nite remembering my college creative writing classes and how much I miss that atmosphere of focus and dedication. I wish i had more writerly friends around so i could talk about words and story ideas and plot lines and characters. And to have a team of dedicated writers who read thru my drafts and gave me the high quality feedback that i crave.

I could apply for an MFA somewhere. But the thought of doing that terrifies me… it’s the cash, the extensive time sink and the loss of some of what I am currently doing. I dunno… i just want to be better at writing, to make fun and meaningful fiction and on occasion get published for it. In addition to writing essays on tarot and writing and creativity. *gryn* Is that too much to ask for?

To Do List
— Beer30 with the crew
— visit with joel
— come up with estimates
— read
— write

Ye Olde Linkfest
8 Ways to Train Yourself to Be Creative Nice essay that teaches you how to boost your creativity with 8 different techniques. I like that this essay comes at creativity from the perspective that EVERYONE is creative.

Kids say the darnest things 25 funny analogies brought to you by english school teachers. Oh man, these are hilarious. Makes me wonder if what I wrote in HS was as bad as some of these sentences. Too bad I didn’t really keep any prose I wrote from that period.

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