Daily Grind 03.24.08

Happy belated Ostara and Spring Equinox.
Word Count: 74

Current Works
Dayjob: Continued sponge mode. Played with Epic Editor and Vasont. Learned a bit more about the process i’ll be using to write service notes.

Sketch: Tonight’s entry, Threading a Needle, is brought to you by a very tired kender. Tried to write this one as fast as I could. I’m tired too.

E-Book Review: Requested a review copy of an e-book a friend wrote about how to use WordPress as a CMS application. Need to read it over and then send her a quote for her website. Will also make a longer review for DIYP, to be published in the future.

Gawds, last week and this past weekend was busy. I had a wonderful early Friday as work sent us home early. Spent the day writing in my journal, and playing catch up with some chores. Went out to dinner with Michelle at a new indian place that served good food. And read. Played with tarot a bit too. Which, while most would wonder why I mention it here… but I do see this tool as tied directly into my writing practice. I’ll write more about this later, some day.

Saturday and Sunday were spent moving ed. What was supposed to be one day, turned into two and tired me out. I barely had time to do what I wanted to do. No sketches for the weekend and I didn’t really write much. I *did* get to do a tarot reading for my good friend Ember, I hope that helped her out. She’s going thru some tough times and I just want to be there for her as any good friend would be.

Feeling run down today… I hope I’m not getting sick. That’s the LAST thing I need to hit my immune system to drag me further away from my writing/reading/tarot goals.

To Do List
— Need to get back on a real schedule.
— Contact Wine Adventures for writer’s guidelines. Will email editor to see if they can send them electronically.

Ye Olde Linkfest
Writing eases cancer This article, straight from the BBC, describes how journalling helps improve the quality of life in cancer patients. This is no real big surprise for me, seeing that journalling is a great way to get all those ideas, thoughts and feelings locked inside one’s brain, out and on the written paper. Once they’re out and in ink, it’s easier to identify how you feel, and what needs to be done on occasion. I’ve always hated bottling up how I feel.

2008 Hugo Award Nominations They released these nominations a few days ago, and I’m proud to see so many good reads show up. What really makes me happy tho is the category for “Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form and Short Forms”. The screenplay for Stardust made it to the list, as well as, several of my favorite Dr. Who episodes (including Blink! OMG, best episode ever) and one Torchwood episode (mmm, Captain Jack Hotness).

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