Daily Grind 04.15.08

Word Count: 1535

Current Works
Dayjob: Things have been a bit slow at the dayjob. I did get to write a first draft of a white paper, which was fun. I’ll be linking to it when it gets approved in the future. I’m also learning a lot about interviewing SMEs, which is something I could use the practice with.

DIY Planner: Finished writing and revising draft of this Thursday’s article. Sent it out to two friends to edit. Got some good feedback and I’m excited to release it on Thursday. I hope it generates good feedback. Also edited my friend Taylor’s article, which we posted today. I did a bit more work on it than I did last week and I think it’s paying off as people are already commenting on it. Readers in the blogosphere are a hard group to understand. Just when you think you’ve written something great for comments, they don’t post. Still trying to get ahold of how they think and what the trends of my readership there are.

Daily Sketch: It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these. Need to re-form the habit of doing it daily. Tonight’s topic, “a painting comes to life”. I sorta cheated on this one as the story wrote itself onto two index cards instead of one. Oh well, it was worth the set-up, I think. It’s a bit surreal, I call it “Come to Life”.

(Did anyone else notice that all the paragraphs in this section started with a D? Go figure.)

Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit, I get caught up in life and whatnot and sometimes just am not able to get writing daily posts or other news on my own site. I’m trying really hard to change that tho. A lot’s been going on in the industry and I do have a few thoughts on some big news. Expect to see that soon.

Had a busy day at work today. Still not really doing much writing or “real job” work but I had a lot of meetings. Learned just how detailed the engineers need to go in making the products work. As in micron. Very eye opening. Also had an interesting discussion with the lead today. Won’t go into it here but it left me with a few more to-do items on my soul searching and personal improvement front. Some things I’ve been working on for years. (Aside: need to start working on grok again, so i can post these things there!)

To Do List
— edit Taylor’s DIYP article
— finish writing my DIYP article
— read

Ye Olde Linkfest
Is it Prime? Here’s an interesting post about quickly identifying prime numbers. While it’s not directly related to writing per se, I do see this as a great exercise to keep your mental health up to par. That and it DOES mention Neil Stephenson in it. He’s a literary god.

Setting up a Moleskine This post caught me by surprise. I love reading how people set up their journals and notebooks and this one is a great example of that. Perusing thru the site, i’m even more surprised at the content and the level-headedness and value this Pastor has to offer, even for someone like me.

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