Kender’s New Toy

For a year or two now, kender and I have been discussing the option of him getting his motorcycle license. Last Tuesday, this dream came true when he passed his license test with flying colors. Then he began the long process of finding his bike… which took a lot less time than I expected. He bought a brand new Kawasaki ER-6n (the n stands for nekid) in a beautiful blue shade.

He spent all last weekend riding it around the neighborhood and city streets. After the first ride on Sunday, he announced that he was ready for me to hop on the bike. So a very nervous jaymi tossed on her 20-year old leather biker jacket, jeans, and kender’s old autocross helmet and fitted herself on the back of the bike for a short loop around the neighborhood. I wasn’t sure about how I’d feel but after a week’s worth of rides, I can say that I’m loving it.

We’ve been riding together for every day this week, with me growing more and more accustomed to the bike, kender’s ride style, and the gear that we’ve purchased for me now. Since various attempts at getting photos to various parental units have failed, I’m using this time to share some of the images of the bike with ya all. Hopefully we’ll have some images of me on the bike in the future.

This is not a bike that we’ll be able to go cross country, or even camping on. Mostly it’s to save gas money for kender’s commute and for us to have some weekend fun with. Who knows, in the future we may upgrade to a touring bike and join the ranks of people who use their motorcycles for camping adventures.

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    1. We’re not sure yet. The bike hasn’t revealed its name yet. We’ve tossed around some ideas but nothing fits. I’ll announce the bike’s name once we figure it out.

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