Late Night Musings

I couldn’t sleep last night. My mind was teeming with ideas (writing and otherwise). So I wandered downstairs and did some work on some projects I’d like to finish before the holidaze. And wouldn’t you know it, inspiration hit.

It struck me while I was thinking of the current novel-revision-in-progress. The first novel I’d like to see published. I was thinking about the conflict (or lack there of) that was in the novel. You see, the tension is more internal, and not only that but I don’t present it in a way that a reader would know there’s tension. I know I need to get some conflict in there, to raise the stakes, but I wasn’t sure how or what I needed to do.

Thankfully, my muse gave me a pretty nifty resolution, in the form of a new scene to write. I’ve also known that I’ll be needing to write a bit more in the book, to lengthen the middle but I wasn’t really settled on what to do. So last night I jotted down some notes about how our intrepid heros meet a living representative of the plague they’re trying to save a world from. In the form of a dragon. A misty plague dragon.

I’m excited. Here’s hoping that this inspiration helps me work on the book.

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