Love What You Have: Day Six

Today’s lesson is about decluttering… something I know a lot about. This week we were asked to choose from one of three decluttering assignments. I chose the following:

If your space is pretty close to working, you can employ a lighter version of decluttering with this old decorating trick. Walk through a room with a tray (or a box) and collect anything that detracts from the room’s function, aesthetic or general atmosphere. When you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful decluttered room, and a small pile of things to relocate or ditch.

I’ve never tried the Traying methodology, so I think I’ll be doing my assignment on Wednesday when I can grab a box and place stuff in it. Currently, I do have a small smattering of clothing, electronics, and miscellany to add to a box. They’re all sitting on the guest bed which serves as my Tray, but I think I’d love to push myself to put it all into a box before it gets out of hand.

Hey locals, would anyone be in looking through the t-shirts before I donate?

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