Majician of the Universe

My epitaph to the world, as a legacy long forgotten, By no means lost- found

1. The attempts made
Dares broken,
Made me-
Rich beyond mortal’s
Most wildest dreams
Seen within the gateway
To one’s soul
Power, knowledge and
Age- lies here
Youth and maturity
Dreams made, realities won
Cries out to be seen, Loved,
Known- possibly not
To those
On a rollercoaster ride of Hell.

2. Those that dare
To attempt to care
Act and feel
Promises made to be broken
My heart cold as stone.

3. Where the once proud opTimist roams
Lies the Last
A stranger in her own home.
Never to be hurt- again
By the uncaring, angry
Deathgrip of society.

4. Hiding now
In my mountain home in
I seek that what is attainable
The triumph- of imagination, spirit over
All else
For in the powers of the mind
Roams the untamed spirit
Knows no boundaries-
Only that what hasn’t been done.

5. This is ME. All that lies within me grow. Cockeyed opTimist and faerie lore
Combined and performed- intricate details
Maybe human maybe not. But all I know… Is that within me
The power that grows strong. Demanded, desire, and dreams that grow
from which the imagination controls. In the realm of the soul
Being stronger than the mind… This is the mystical mystery, That doth compose the majikal masterpiece- Of the Majician of the Universe- ME.