Making Tea

You’re thirsty, so you decide to go into the kitchen. There is no juice in the refrigerator and no concentrate in the freezer. Standing there, holding the fridge door open, you glance sideways at the faucet. Tap water could satisfy your thirst but you shudder at the thought of drinking the poison solution. Besides you’re thirsty for something tasty.

Sitting on top of the stove rests a water jug. It is made of chrome metal and isn’t used for watering flowers. It’s not a pot, so you can’t cook pasta in it. The spout at the end of its long arm has a whistle hole, so steam can escape. And it has a lid. Inside your mind a solution for your thirst brews.

First you need to make sure you have enough herbal packets. So you go over to the cabinet and remove a 6 inch long by 2 inch high box painted with natural scenes and text that says “Celestial Seasonings.” Already the aroma of flowers, fruits, and herbs wafts into your nose.

You’re mouth begins to water. Today must be your lucky day because you see one bag left in the box.

Then you reach up into the cupboard and remove your favorite mug. It is white and has a squiggly cat drawn on it. His hair is all raised up and above it the word Stress is written in italics. This mug was a high school graduation gift from your mother. Smiling, you drop the muslin bag of herbs into the mug.

Next you reach over and grab the pot, removing its lid, and place it under the sink faucet. You fill it till it’s almost full with water and replace the lid. Then you replace it back on the stove and turn the burner on high. As the pot heats up your mind begins to wander, thinking about the tasty solution and snuggling up besides the fireplace. The pot suddenly draws you back into reality with its whistling eruption. You remove the pot and turn the heat off. Then you pour the water into the mug.

The muslin bag drifts lazily on top of the water. Holding the bag by one corner you steep it so that all the aroma from the bad is transferred into the water. Five minutes later, after the mug has cooled down and the bad has steeped properly, you cautiously take the first sip. With just one sip your thirst has been quenched and you feel a little more relaxed.