RAVENS are in the house

Copies of RAVENS IN THE LIBRARYThey’re here. They’re REALLY here. Copies of RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY exist. Phil and Sandra received 700 copies of the books today. Pictures exist, of the two editors holding the books up, on various social sites. They’ve dropped off some of the books to the first Seattle retail outlet, The Dreaming. The books, themselves, LOOK gorgeous. They’re also FAT.

I am so stoked, all I can do is SQUEE around the house and online. I’ve edited and re-edited this post in the hopes that I got the words out and in the right order. Tonight was our bi-weekly D&D game but… I think I’m a bit too hyper and RAVENS crazy to pay too much attention to the HUGE level raising battle my character took part in (and without armor I might add). Sorry Kender, niraja and ed, thanks for dealing with me.

Saturday, we wake at “way too early A.M” and drive 3 hours North to Seattle for the packing party. I will take pictures and continue to wander around SQUEEING. I can’t wait to get my copies. I can’t wait to help fill everyone’s orders (I can sneek signatures into the books?). Next Wednesday they’re having a book signing at The Dreaming @ 6 p.m. in Seattle, WA. I’ll be making a day of it because driving from Portland to Seattle is a pain. Here’s hoping I can hang with Phil or Sandra or find something to occupy the time between arriving and the signing.

Ravens at the storeThere may be one other opportunity for a signing in April, on either the 9th or 10th. I’m VERY interested in doing that one as well but kender and I need to see whether or not we’re busy that weekend.

I am totally excited and honored to be published with many of my favorite authors. These are people who will hopefully read my work in their copies. Now that the books are out, I plan to try and get the signatures of all the authors and artists who worked on the book. Thanks to everyone for your orders, support, and patience while the book’s been at the printers. I hope you all love it as much as we had fun putting it together.

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    1. Yes it is an awesome feeling. I’m so bouncy right now. I want to go outside and scream the news to the world but it is dark out and most of the peeps in my side of the world, are sleeping.

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