Shattered Letters

A song in the background sings, I only have eyes for you. “Burt, you called out ‘Kelli’ last night while we made love. Chirped her name softly as if you didn’t realize it. Does what I say pique your interest? Escapades have a way of turning on you, especially when you cheat. Feeling nervous? Getting caught has to feel like a real nightmare; did you really think that you could keep playing this game and walk away with two prizes instead of one? Has the moment and the color of her mane slip your memory? I promise I’ll remind you about that and every little lie you told me. Just you wait, before tonight is over I’ll remind you about all your little promises.

Kelli, a girl with blonde hair. Last night I caught you and her dancing. Man, did you have me fooled, telling me you were studying. Next you’ll be telling me she never meant a thing to you ñ you only love me.

“Oh baby, I’ll never leave you” is that what you’ll say? Put that foot a few more inches deeper down your throat, Babe. Quit looking dumbstruck, you’ve done this before. Rumors have a way of spilling out when it comes to little midnight snacks. Stuttering broken promises won’t make it all better; it’s a little too late for that now, don’t you think? Thought you had me fooled? Until now, I believed that you were the one. Vacate my apartment, leave now. When this is over maybe I’ll look back and laugh. Xenophobia. You’re afraid of women, you’re afraid to commit and that women will get too close and find the real you posing behind the mask.”

Zither music plays in the background, a solemn melody about lost love found shattered in the dust.