Tree of Humanity

The lines of age
Shroud the world
In a blanket of the divine.

In a blanket of the divine
Can be found
Hands of corruption,
That torture, tease and subdue
Seeking upward- escape
Downwards- control
The dance of power resides.
Freedom no longer with the wind.

Freedom no longer with the wind.
Knots, holes, stubs
Give a new twisted shape
To the beauty that
All but now seems like another dimension.
The exposure of the worlds within worlds.
Your outer bark stripped of beauty
Stolen, seared by the flame.

Stolen, seared by the flame
A new era emerges
Beauty rebuilds itself
From the past pains
New colors come forth from the old
No color, yet a tinge
Darks and lights
Reflecting the comprehension and demise
In a world within chaos.

In a world within chaos,
Where friends are foe
One thing remains
From the old is reborn the new
A hand-me-down evolution.
Survival of the fittest
Those with the strongest foundations
Will be the ones to pass the seeds.
And be the progenitors of the future,
To replant the trees to our salvation.