3 Angels, 1996 Christmas gift to my family

There are 3 angels in my life. They connect me to them through blood and they give me support through all my rough times.

First is the eldest, by age. The youngest at heart. Each year she sends me cards and letters filling my heart with the daily routine. Stories of antiquity and history spark my curiosity and wonder about the world. She enjoys watching movies and doesn’t mind it if I slip and forget to send her cards in return. She holds a special place in my heart.

The second angel is by birth, my mother. She raised me and kept me warm and fed, physically and mentally. She keeps me grounded in reality, always reminding me dreams are just dreams unless the majic weaved and paint them into the waking realm. I know that even though we always don’t see eye to eye and disagree on a lot of ideals, she will continue to support me in carrying out my dreams. She holds a special place in my heart.

The third is the littlest angel. Although younger than me, she is sometimes older. Her poise and demeanor speak a different story. The Christmas child, always gets gyfts of light and inspiration, to carry her throughout the year and the toughest parts of the day. Even though we have different likes and dislikes and we have chosen separate lifepaths, I know that we both will become successful in our achieving our dreams and aspirations. She holds a special place in my heart.

To each of you this year, for the Christmas Celebration of 1996, I give to you a guardian angel, a protector, as a reminder that although I cannot be there this year in person I will always be with you in your heart and soul. Thanks for all the support each one of you has given me throughout my life and I promise I will never let you down.