Book: Gemstone Feng Shui

By Sandra Kynes
Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN 0-7387-0219-6

Gemstones and feng shui; the marriage between the two isn’t as apparent as it should be. However, stones and their energies are a perfect companion to the ancient Chinese practice. Sandra Kynes’s book, Gemstone Feng Shui, explores this complex and interesting relationship. I imagined a whole system of feng shui that used gemstones to counter and support the natural energies of feng shui. While the book has a wealth of information on how to use crystals in conjunction with traditional feng shui practices it fell short of that first impression. Instead the book attempts to describe how to use the stones with current good feng shui practices.

The book has two parts. The first part introduces crystals, healing properties, feng shui basics and tools. It then goes into limited exploration of how to use gemstones in combination with feng shui. The book does a great job of introducing the basics of crystals. Ms. Kynes’s gemstone-circle meditation is a great way to introduce new users of crystals and their energies to one another by placing them around a person. The book uses the 9 Square, or Lo Shu Grid to teach readers feng shui. The Lo Shu Grid divides a room up into squares instead of the more common practice of visualizing a room broken down into a circle with each direction representing a piece of the pie.

The second half of the book goes into the gemstones themselves. Over 100 pages are dedicated to explaining the history, lore and energy properties of selected stones. This part of the book is worth its weight in gold. These tables and lists show readers new gemstone correspondences as they relate to the 5 traditional Chinese elements.

Gemstone Feng Shui falls short at teaching readers how to incorporate gemstones into daily feng shui practices. When it describes how to remove blocking or harmful energies it is done separately from gemstones. The two topics seem to have very little to do with each other. When they do interact, it is through descriptions of situations and their blocks and a few suggestions on how to counteract, harmonize or enhance aspects of this element. The book makes a series of statements rather than exploring the rationale behind how the stone’s energies work to produce the desired feeling in a room. It quickly goes from element to element as well as showing how the colors of the stones or one’s birthstone can also produce and affect feng shui energies.

Overall, this book is not for beginners of crystal work and feng shui. Even with the introductory chapters on each topic, the book tries to cram a large amount of study and history of both feng shui and crystals but doesn’t do much to describe the marriage between the two. However, the time and energy spent on describing the stones and their energies make up for the lack of practical applications.

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