Imbolc 2003 “Cleansing the Temple”

This is a fun ritual/spell that came about as a dare from a friend to include a plastic toy ewe. I decided to take her up on the offer, so here’s an interesting twist on a temple cleansing ritual. While this involves a certain type of plastic ewe, I think it’s safe for all ages.

Items Needed:

  • 1 Love Ewe
  • 1 Piece of paper (per person)
  • 1 Holy Stone (per person)
  • 10 While candles (5 for Quarters and 5 for altar)
  • Imbolc Altar items
  • Pens
  • Cakes and Wine

Ritual Outline:

Cast Circle by using wand. “We are now between worlds.”

Call Quarters, each person lights a white candle after they are done.

Imbolc is a time for renewal and spring cleaning. When the first flowers and hints of spring fill the air. Candles are lit signifying the cleaning out of the old winter blahs and they draw in the new energies for the next seasons. We cleanse our Hearth and Home of the old, dank winter and get ready for the fresh clean air of Spring. Our bodies are our temples and during Imbolc, they too need to be cleansed. Tonight during this ritual each and everyone one of you looks deep within yourself and think about something you want to cleanse from themselves or their life. Whether it is quitting smoking or losing weight or overcomming a block we need to get rid of to allow the energies within us to continue walking the path we Will.

Take 5 minutes to think about what this thing is you want cleansed from your life. Make it something attainable and reachable. Something you can have done by Lammas. If this thing is greater than a short time commitment, break it down into steps and try and identify when and where you want to achieve each step. That way you can have some bit of it done by Lammas.

Once you have thought of that idea, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write it down. On the outside of the paper, sign you name, or make your majickal mark. If you want, you can even create a rune about your goal. Do whatever you think is the best way to get it out so you can start working on it. However, you will revisit this goal later this year, so if you create a rune or sigil of it, be sure it is something you can remeber later.

One by one, we’ll share our cleansing items, (if you wish). Once you are done sharing it, go to the altar and grab a Holy Stone. Roll the paper up and place it inside the stone. The stone and it’s hole means purification and peace, and being close to the Goddess and your divinity. Placing it inside the stone tells us that you will walk that path, work on that cleansing aspect until it is completed by Lammas.

Now, walk over to the ceremonial Love Ewe and place it in the hole. This hole represents the belly of the beast, where the fruition of all your majickal workings will be born. By Lammas you shall see the results of your labor, or at least some change occurring with the area you want cleansed.

Now, everyone stand in circle around the Ewe, holding hands, direct energy into the Love Ewe and the things that we have just written down. Say:

“Hail Brigid, mother maiden of all things New. We invoke thee, bring your loving light and your warmth to us and our cleansing offering. We ask that you give us the courage, creativity and light to carry forth our desires and goals. Until Lammas eve we shall carry forth this cleansing to heal ourselves abd those we love in your light always. So Mote it Be.”

Pass cakes and ale around. Give everyone time to reflect on the evening and what has been done. Decide who keeps the Love Ewe till Lammas.

When Lammas comes around, the time of reaping what we have sown, we will gather once more. The Love Ewe will be retrieved and each person will get back their stone and paper. We’ll see how far we’ve come with our goal and cleansing. The stone shall be a reminder to keep as we kept or will work on the goal before the next turn of the moon.

Devoke Quarters, each person blows out candle when finished.

Close circle.

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