A Quiet Sunday Spent Reading

Kender’s snowboarding on Mt. Hood today. Which means I get a nice day to myself. Slept in late, thanks to the new curtains that block out all the light. On awaking, I decided to plunge in and finish Inkdeath, the last book in a trilogy by Cornelia Funke. Imagine the ability to read things in and out of books and then figuring out how to read yourself into the story. That’s the premise to this series. Indeath wraps up the stories and gives all the characters a fitting end. (Although I get the impression that maybe… just maybe… more can be written about this world.)

I just added the read to my Goodreads.com page. Which then led me to looking the book up on amazon. On that page there’s a video of Cornelia describing a bit of herself and her process. I love what she has to say about it all. I especially love how she mispronounces Moleskine (she says the word the same way I say it).

Now that I’ve finished a book, I think I’m going to switch gears now and work on my Tarot School homework. I’ll post more about that in a bit.

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