It’s been a good day

I had a great day today. Really. Lots of good stuph going on. Spent this morning writing finishing up my review of Tagging. Then I continued copy-editing a manuscript Taylor sent to me to look over for Immanion. Lunch was uneventful…

Early this afternoon, I met with author Shon Clark regarding his manuscript. He and his work are my first official Editorialship for Immanion Press/Megalithica. I’m so excited. So, I drove up to the northwest 23rd area and enjoyed a nice eight block walk down to his office. We spent two hours chatting away about his work, our philosophies, and other random topics. I think we hit it off rather well and I’m totally looking forward to seeing where we take his book and publishing it. Also found out he’s a big gamer, so I invited him into our D&D campaign. With luck we may have a new character in our midst.

Got home and discovered that our new digital camera arrived. Yesterday we got enticed by the gold box deal and picked up a Canon PowerShot PowerShot SD770 IS. I immediately broke into the package and “awwwed” over the new toy. It’s shiny and oh so very small. The battery pack thingy is totally cool and beats the heck out of my old Sony digital camera. Looking at this camera really makes me wish I had gotten a second so that kender and I could both claim one as our own. I will need to get a bigger SD chip and a case (yay for bag hoage!) so that it’s protected.

On the email front, I heard back from Peachpit Press (publishers of the Tagging book). I sent them a link to the review and they’re sending me out three more books for review. They’re sending me one on using Facebook with your projects, another on presentation building, and a third on narrative storytelling. So yay, more fun books to read and write about.

Currently I’m just sitting here waiting for the rest of our gaming group to arrive. With luck, I’ll hit level 6 tonite. And according to the 4th edition player’s handbook, Saelune will get a new Utility Prayer, Cure Serious Wounds.

Oohers, Ed brought cookies. Yum. Yes, it’s been a good day indeed.

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