“The mysteries of thought can only be revealed through the eyes of one’s soul”

Once I was pure
But now am not
The curse of a life Tattered with Sin
There is No escape
From the horrors of my mind.

Tried so hard
Please the others
No time gained
My soul to loose.
Living in an eternity of Hell
Wasting it all away
Fucked up mental madness
Never goes away.

Twisted up,
Fucked up,
confusion rears its ugly head

I want a life that is not mine.

Got no hope,
Got no future,
Just the eyes of the Past.

Black and white,
Death and Love
Blend into the horrors of my mind
Like a wierd Dance of Insanity.

There is no escape, from walls within walls
Oblivion knowz me well.
Seems as if I were Lost
My memories used by others
The pawn of their REALITY.