Clear Waters

Clear waters
Sparkle with the dawn
Of a new age.
They are a new breed
Open, exposed
Scientists say that
They won’t last too long
Cut open holes in belly
Not enough food.
Time running out

Curiosity lines their faces
Why have we done this.
Reverting them away from
Their evolutionary path.
Now just a glimpse into
The horrors of modern science

When will it all end
By who’s hand
The fate of time or humanity’s
Uncompassionate pilgrimage
Into the world beyond knowledge
Survival of the genetically

Sad sea lion faces jest
Peering at the keepers
like children stunned fron the parents hand.
What sort of species
Takes glee in
The destruction of others
For the continuation of
That closed minds
Cannot see or comprehend.

Painting: Biosphere, (Monterey Bay), 1993. Alexis Rockman