Runic Tarot

Cover to the Book Kit of the Runic Tarot with 3 sample cards.
Editions:Hardcover: $ 35.95
ISBN: 9780738770734

Lo Scarabeo teamed me up once more with Jack Sephiroth to bring a new twist to tarot and runes. This boxed kit edition features the stories of Nordic lore and how three different rune systems can work well with tarot. Each major arcana deck features one (or two) Elder Futhark runes, the minors show lesser futhark, and the court cards have bind runes. I describe each rune, statement, and bindrune along with giving tarot meanings that bring the Viking world alive.

Norse mythology meets tarot; this is the deck that the Pagan community has been eagerly awaiting. Based on the gods and mythology of the Norse, the Runic Tarot is the ultimate divination deck for connecting with Valhalla, the realm of the gods. The powerful art is imbued with a fierce, ancient aura as it weaves together the wisdom of the runes, the poetry of the Skalds, the valor of the Einherjars, and the evergreen bounty of life and nature. This reading deck pays tribute to the divine spark within humanity, calling out to everyone who feels the pull of the ancient Norse ways.

The boxed kit (5½ x 8¼) includes a 78-card deck and guidebook

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

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