Spirit of Cats Oracle

Box cover for Spirit of Cats Oracle
Editions:Hardcover: $ 16.50

I adore cats. They've been my companions since childhood. For this deck, I was asked to create the structure and stories around the large Spirit Cat guardians. Chengdu Arcana Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a new deck publisher out of China, so this deck has instructions in both Chinese and English. Everything about this project is fun and cozy!

Cats are cute furry creatures, great companions for humans, and even the purrfect spiritual guides. In the Spirit of Cats Oracle, the cats are not the same as in real life. They are giant spirits, bringing precious spiritual messages to you. Now, let the playful kitties in the Spirit of Cats Oracle lead you into fun and mischievous adventures!

Get yours at cntarot.taobao.com (website is Chinese only)

Publisher: Chengdu Arcana Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Reviews:From the Publisher wrote:

This deck is quite popular among our customers and more than 200 copies have been sold in our online shop (cntarot.taobao.com) in less than a month. And they are all retailing orders! We've received some feedback from our customers saying they enjoy the lovely little story and warm words for each card. Thank you again for your fascinating and wonderful work!

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