Daily Grind 02.19.08

Tarot Article Word Count: 2642

Current Works
Tarot Article: Finished draft one yesterday and sent it out to my “trusted editors”. Got some good feedback. Ended up revisioning and redoing most of it based on one person’s feedback. Sent that draft to the other editor and got his input today. Read that over and will totally be fleshing things out tonight and tomorrow. Goal is to submit it tomorrow on the night of the lunar eclipse and full moon.

Dayjob: Cleaned up a few things on the current revision manuals and exported them to final PDF format. I’ll be going in tomorrow for my last time to upload everything to the server and then send out my good bye message. I may also spend time with SM telling her where everything is just so she knows and has access.

Had a pretty even day today. Got my ankle worked on by my chiropractic’s massage therapist. He and I have never talked and he’s got some really interesting stories on where he came from and his goals. Sounds like he’s just as determined as I am in making dreams become realities. Just need to keep my eye on the end goal and focus on my projects.

The weather up here has been spring-time gorgeous. It’s almost 6 p.m. and I’ve got the back patio open and the air is cool but feels so good. It’s nice to get some fresh air in the Perch finally.

To Do List
— massage appt.
— work on tarot article
— email Elizabeth
— read review book
— work out at gym

Ye Olde Linkfest
Perspective on the State of the Publishing Industry Interesting but long article on one writer’s ideas on where the publishing industry’s going and how it integrates with all this Web 2.0 stuff.

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