Daily Grind 02.18.08

President’s Day

Current Works
Tarot Article: going to finish the tarot article draft today and send it to Taylor.

Research: 2 DIYP article ideas (read book and play with review software)

Had a whirlwind weekend. Ed came and kicked ass in his interview, and will be moving out here within a month. He’ll stay with us until he finds his own place. Kender’s rents drove their RV up and we had a good time. Got to play Apples to Apples with them and introduced them to the Rock Band experience. His dad loved it.

Today’s my last day before I go back into the part-time grind at Jenkon. So even though I KNOW I have writing to do, I want to slack off so bad and enjoy the silence. Must finish article… first. I do enjoy having visitors; but man do they seem to stress me out a lot.

To Do List
— chiro
— maybe shots (if I’m feeling industrious)
— laundry
— finish tarot article
— read books
— play Patapon more (addicting demo! must get the game when it comes out)

Ye Olde Linkfest
Article on scheduling writing This article is mostly geared towards college students but I found it interesting. Of course, for me, I tend to find my most productive writing periods between 10am and 2pm, but who knows… maybe I should shift my writing times to earlier?

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