Review: IdeaSpotting

This review was originally written for in 2006. I’m reposting it here to generate more interest.

Written by Sam Harrison
Published by How Books
ISBN 1581808003

Lately I’ve been trying to find new ways to push my mind into generating lots of creative content. Tried and true ways of brainstorming seem old and stale to me now. Don’t get me wrong… they generate lots of great ideas, many of which become topics for my articles here at D*I*Y Planner. Even so, lately I’ve felt like I’ve been in a rut and I needed something new, something odd enough to jolt me out of habit and onto a new, funkier thought path. My something arrived in the form of a book called IdeaSpotting, by Sam Harrison.

Harrison starts out simple, by defining his goal of how the book can train you into finding your next idea. The rest of the 256-page tome of insight and inspiration is jam packed with ideas and quotes; suggestions and exercies to get any brain rebooted into thinking new ideas.

Stylish layouts and simple prose draw you immediately into the book providing instant design inspiration. Each chapter, then, teaches you that inspiration and ideas are everywhere, you just need to look, listen and attune yourself to them. Some may come in the form of images, while others come from listening to others. Collaboration, nature, trash, listening, getting new perspectives are all thrown in together as means for us to gain new ideas to help any project. Harrison uses stories, interviews and worksheet-esque pages to get you thinking and seeing how full of ideas the world really is.

Harrison sets out and does exactly what he intends to do with IdeaSpotting. He skillfully shows you new ways of seeing the world and gaining ideas. He also associates these techniques by weaving stories and interviews in with each technique. These poignant snippets all aide in showing how effective these techniques can be in gaining new ideas and injecting creativity into all aspects of your life.

If you’re looking for new inspiration or want to learn more about expanding your own idea generating skill-set, then stop reading this article. Stop being a “trainspotter”, and get into your car and go get IdeaSpotting. You’ll never find yourself lacking in ideas or seeing the world without discovering something new and inspiring again.

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