Daily Grind 02.14.08

Happy Valentine’s and Single Awareness Day everyone!

Current Works
Websurfed. I went in with the expectation that I’d have some edits to make and got nothing in the 2 hours i was there. A bit of a waste. If I don’t have work in my inbox by Tuesday I may just go in and wrap the manuals up at that point and leave. Use the last week before I start the new contract to have a vacation.

Journalling: Wrote in my journal. I’m happy cos I finished the book. It’s the first blank paper journal i’ve completed in a long time. I’m now deciding whether I should use the journal I bought last night to continue writing in, or an older and slimmer journal that I have not used yet.

DIY Planner: Answered comments regarding my column for the week on writing about love and how the two go hand in hand.

Tarot Article: Re-read the article and added some more thoughts down to it. Will focus on this mostly tomorrow and Monday.

Other than the snafu at work, I’m glad I got to go home early. Nabbed an early lunch of garden burger and chocolate milkshake as well. Currently, drying towels for the guest bedroom and just finished up getting the bed ready for Ed. I’m excited for the visit. It’s going to surprise the hell outta kender’s parents who are driving up as I type. They have no idea. That and we haven’t seen him for about two years.

He’s interviewing tomorrow at kender’s new company. I hope they hire him as it’d be nice to have more of kender’s friends up here with us too. Muhahaha… the plan… it’s working! Now only if I could get Keli to move up here… i’d be set.

To Do List
— make edits to work manuals, if any
— respond to any DIYP comments on article.
— finish cleaning house. make guest room comfy.
— write response email regarding more web writing contract work.
— read books
— continue reading Touched
— exercise at 24/Fitness

Ye Olde Linkfest
Interview with Tony diTerlizzi and Holly Black on Spiderwick Chronicles Borders sent out their newsletter today with this wonderful and insightful interview with diTerlizzi and Black. I’m a big fan of the Spiderwick Chronicles as well as both of the author’s solo projects so I got a kick out of watching the two discuss their working relationship and the various books that inspired them to write and be creators.
if Journal Another possible spiritual writing outlet for me. Going to have to read thru their free copy and then see if this would be an outlet I would enjoy submitting to.

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