Daily Grind 02.13.08

Happy bday to my friends Jon Nutting and Bryan Crump!

Current Works
Today I took a replacement screenshot for one of the portal applications. Edited it down in GIMP and placed it into Flare and MS Word. Whee. Took all of about an hour to do. No other edits or suggestions from the review team.

DIY Planner: Wrote Thursday’s article for DIYPlanner.com. This week’s topic: writing about love and how the two go hand in hand. I hope people enjoy it.

Journalling: Wrote in my journal as well. Getting close to the end of that book. Can’t wait to completely fill it up and then work on a new one. Go me.

Tarot Article: Didn’t actually work on this. I opened the file up and looked at it briefly. I need to finish this and get it out. Seeing I don’t work again until Tuesday, I think I shall make this my goal for tomorrow and monday.

Started the day off at the dentist’s. Route cleanup that turned into a bit more due to the spot they found on the last right molar. I braved it out with no drugs but felt the pain of the aftereffect at work where the area they packed with cord flared up. Four Advil and a cup of noodles later and I felt fine again. Mouth pain definitely sucks.

This weekend’s going to be very busy and hectic for me with family and now friends in town. The friend has never been to the perch before so I feel a bit obligated to do some really good cleaning. Thankfully kender’s offered to help so we’ll be able to get this place picked up in no time. We also got in a bit of a pre-valentine’s celebration seeing that we’re not going to have the place to ourselves. Dinner was magnificent and being able to spend some time in New Ren Bookshop was also treasured. I love my hubby.

Feeling accomplished today. Got the DIY Planner article done without any hassles. Seeing that tomorrow is Valentine’s, I decided to do a theme article. Hope everyone enjoys the ideas and thoughts about writing on love. I tried very hard to make it more general and not as sappy as it could’ve. It does tie into a bit more with some of the tarot and relationships readings i’ve been doing, but darnit… can’t get that into the article.

To Do List
— dental appt
— make edits to work manuals, if any
— clean house for impending guests’ arrival (in addition to kender’s parents, his old buddy Ed’s arriving tomorrow night)
— write DIY column for tomorrow
— read books
— continue reading Touched

Ye Olde Linkfest
For Advice to New Writers About Money Scalzi’s well written article on how writer’s should treat money and the writing career.

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