Daily Grind 02.12.08

Nothing to report. No bdays, no anniversaries.

Current Works
— edited content to manual 1. Received request to share with clients (not in any form to do this yet)

Personal Writing:
–wrote journal entry for today
–worked on Popculture Tarot Article
–worked on Tarot Journal
–started reading Touched

This is the first entry in what I hope will be the new daily first post here. I’m nervous and not sure if I’ll be able to build up my writing blog practice or if this is the best format. But I figure I gotta start somewhere. Currently I’m feeling tired… seeing that I did not sleep at ALL last nite. Seriously. I will need to get sleep tonight.

Not sure why I didn’t sleep… guess my mind’s finally woken up and has a backlog of projects that it needs to get out. Therefore, a lot will start going on these sites soon.

To Do List
–develop writerly habit by coming here
–1pm Journalling and “Play” date with Ember at the Perch
–read tarot book and magazine

Ye Olde Linkfest
Rules for Writers An oldie but a goodie, I made this into a poster to put on my cube walls (when I have a cube) to remind me of writing and editing practices.
Failing Your Way to Success What a great little article on how failure can be a good thing! i like this.

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