Daily Grind 03.04.08

RIP Gary Gygax… we’ll miss you. Without your contribution to the games and publishing industry I wouldn’t have gotten my first publication.

Current Works
Dayjob: Finished the project my boss had me do. Waiting to hear back from her contact on where to “publish” said things. Started reading information on the tools and workflow that I’ll be using.

Renaissance Art: Mailed off an invoice to Arthur of this company regarding 4 pages he contracted me to rewrite for his domain. Inquired about more work.

Clear Access Rework: Continued reading doc. Still trying to decide if this is worth time and effort to rework and bring up to speed.

Today was a hard day at work. I stayed up way to late last night, trying to get some writing for this site done and paid for it later. I finished my mini-project with little issues and then moved on to start reading some training docs for the workflow and systems I’ll be using.

Of course, the noon nappiness set in and eventually my mind focused and wandered away from me right when one of my coworkers was trying to get my attention. Ugh. I wasn’t slacking off… I was just reading and trying to grok what was being shown on my screen. I’m wondering if I should take some bee pollen before going into work. Cannot do caffeine, it makes me way to jittery.

Trying to NOT make that same mistake tonight. So I’ve finished my heavy hitting tasks that require me to be at this computer. Namely, this post and the invoice for Ren Art. I’m looking forward to writing in my paper journals and trying to get what’s been eating me out and on the page. Who knows, maybe later, I’ll have time to work on some article ideas that I’ve been thinking about doing lately.

I feel as if I am doing more planning than writing these days, but I blame the learning curve on the new job. Once I’m able to get into an adjusted and “normal” schedule, I hope to do more writing in the genres that I’m moving myself into. I’d like to finish a few more DIYP articles up before I return from my hiatus. But I guess we’ll see what happens, shall we?

To Do List
–pick up new car from dealer (yes, we got an VW R32 hatchback)
–read books
–write in journals
–create project cards for new articles (focus: one on tarot and one on tech comm)

Ye Olde Linkfest
Starting a Writing Critique Group Lifehack.org’s somewhat useful but slim article on top 14 things to consider when thinking about joining a writing group. Some good tips in there to keep in mind.

Cleaning up fiction for writersThis guest article on Leo Babauta’s new writing site discusses some tips to extend narratives for fiction writers. I’m hoping that these ideas come in handy for my edits to Touched.

Write One thing and do it wellAnother article from Babauta’s site (it’s called Write to Done, btw) that talks about how to simplify your writing process by picking ONE item to write about that day and focus on it completely until the work is done. While this is a great idea and one that I think I will try and incorporate into my own daily habits, I don’t think I’ll be able to do this as well as he can. I write for a living, so if I were to pick one thing… that would always be the dayjob that pays rent. However, I can modify this to mean: Pick ONE THING to write about in my personal career and do it well. So yeah, there’s my new goal.

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