Daily Grind 03.07.08

Happy Caturday everyone!
Word Count: um… go read my story and count it for me? *gryn*

Current Works
Sketch of the Day: While he was rushing around getting ready for night snowboarding, Kender threw me a curveball. The topic: the Ace of Swords and the Queen of Cups pass each other on the street. The result is a small narrative that tells, more than shows, what happened during this meeting. I’m not too happy with the telling bit but this is how I saw it in my head. Maybe one day I will revise this one and try and show the event more.

Dayjob: Progressed more on building the glossary. Got clarification and direction from my boss. Have NO idea when this’ll be done. Hope I’m on the right track.

I’m feeling rather chatty today. Blame it on Furday. I am so utterly delighted that the weekend is here and I get to spend a night at the coast with my love. On top if it all, today was a great day.

It kicked off quite early, and in a unusual way. I received a very surprising and interesting email. It was from a DIYP reader. Which in itself isn’t very odd, because I tend to get a lot of messages from our readers. What made this odd though, was who the reader turned out to be. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, best known as the author of “Women Who Run with the Wolves”, emailed me. Whoa. She wrote a lovely message thanking me for inspiring her as well as giving me encouragement on my decision to take some time off and feed my soul and inner life after “the week of change” happened. She linked me an essay that she wrote, not to long ago I may add, on her thoughts about losing her own puppykid. I cried a bit as I read about her story on her puppy with cancer; but it also helped me feel connected– it was a gentle reminder that I am not alone in grieving for the loss of a furkid.

My mother bought me the Wolves book when I was a freshman (or was it sophomore) in college, and in a way, reading the book helped inspire me to want to write mythic fiction and be a wild, native american woman in my own right. Fast forward to today, 10+ years later and through some crazy way, I’m inspiring her with my creativity articles. Who would have thunk it. I haven’t replied back yet… not really sure what to say. I’m humbled and at a loss for words and a bit star struck. I think I’ll respond when we get home from the Oregon Coast on Sunday. Need to figure out what to say.

Work went well. Although I had trouble focusing… had a bad case of the iwantittobecaturdaynow-itis. Today’s major milestone was getting my laptop hooked up to the multi-function printer system nearest me. It’s the last generation model of the machine I’m providing manuals for. *squees* I did a few test prints and it was fun to see how fast the machine worked. That thing is so kewl. I totally want one for the perch, that is… if I had a few thousand laying around. But think of all the books and journals and zines I could publish. I know, I am such a paper dork. *gryns*

Left work at 4pm and decided to have a mini artist’s date before going home. Basically this means that I went over to Border’s Books to rescue a few books. Picked up the latest issues of both Writer’s Digest (I couldn’t wait for my subscription to start) and Writer’s Journal (based off a recommendation from Jenn) as well as 2 more books. Yay for refugees. I finished the date off by visiting ColdStone for a milkshake and Whole Foods Market for some dinner.

Kender’s off on Mt Hood tonight for the last night ski event, which means I have the whole Perch to myself now. Got my music playing on smudge, a kitten resting on the tuffet and a few books to wrap up. I couldn’t ask for a more peaceful night of solitude.

And now, if you will excuse me, I have some serious reading to catch up on. And a cat who desperately wants my attention. Happy weekend everyone.

To Do List
— have myself an artist’s date: pick up new refugee books and magazines from Borders and read in solitude
— Read
— Write sketch of the day
— Laundry
— Pack for our weekend getaway to the oregon coast

Ye Olde Linkfest
Top 10 Grammar Myths A few good grammar tips to keep in mind when writing. Some of them are “DUH”-like; but a few are things I need to keep in mind. The rest of grammar girl’s site is pretty interesting as well.

Unleash Your Inner Genius Short list of ideas from Lifehack.org that helps you quickly brainstorm ideas. I collect brainstorming techniques. Have been doing this since high school where I was determined to always have ideas to fit any situation or event for student government. What’s kewl about this list is that it has some new ones that I haven’t thought about before (like the random object solving the problem idea).

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