Daily Grind 03.10.08

Happy bday Sarah!
Happy belated bday greyduckie (sorry I missed it… blame the Oregon coast!)

Word Count: Broken Silence: 72 words; Contest Story: 154 words

Current Works
Tarot essay: SQUEEE! Just got word tonight that my essay got accepted into the Book Anthology. *does happy dance* The Editor sent me out a message thanking me for the submission, letting me know that there are minor edits (I also need a bio), and attached a publication contract. I’m going to try and get it back to him by the end of this week, but I do have a small quandary. Do I use my real life name or do I use my magickal name. I’m hoping that the Editor can give me advice on which to use. I’d prefer to use my real life name but I also know that tying that into a magickal life means that some publication houses may NOT want to print me because I am “pagan,” or “into witchcraft.” Of course, I still need to figure out what to put in a bio and make that sound good.

Sketch of the Day: Today’s topic was “a blaster shot rings out in a crowd”. Talk about another tough one. I had an image in my head of a small body running through a crowd with a stolen item tucked in their hands just as the impact of the bullet rings out and brings them down to the ground. The end result is called “Broken Silence”. Again, I think I may want to revisit this one again some day to polish it up more.

Contest Story Entry: Jenn sent me the link to this contest, being put on by Symphony Space. The theme is “Are We There Yet?” and it can’t be more than 4 pages. The deadline is this Friday. I dunno if I’ll have time to whip something up for this by then but it’ll give me experience in writing specifically for a contest with a theme. I started a story today, will work on it more tomorrow.

Dayjob: The hunt for more terms to add to a glossary continues. Expanded entries to include synonyms where applicable. Also moved into my permanent cube space. This means I get to bring in toys now. Yay.

Oh wow… today moved by in a blur. Not really sure what to say here. Had a great weekend getaway at the coast. Drove the jackrabbit up (our name for the new car) and got some great photos of the shaggy trees, coastline and other miscellany. Only downfall to the whole weekend was that it was too short. I can’t wait to take Kender back for a longer weekend trip.

I started reading the copy of Writer’s Journal late Saturday night. Had the sounds of the ocean coming in from the patio. Felt so relaxed that I practically fell asleep with the magazine across my lap and my head in my hand. It had a few good articles in there but on the whole I’ve decided that I prefer Writer’s Digest. It just appeals to me more.

To Do List
— pick Michelle up from airport and take her home
— dinner at Firkin & Frog
— journal
— write

Ye Olde Linkfest
The Fine Art of Wireframes Short and simple post on how an Information Architect uses wireframes to communicate web design ideas. The use of sketches in place of words intrigues me and I often wish I were better with drawing abilities to sketch out my ideas. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Believer Magazine I haven’t read into this too much, but Jenn turned me onto it. It’s a curiously fun and bizarre online mag.

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