Day Seventeen, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 2975 for a total of 50766!

YAAAAAY! I did it… I’m done. I finished my 7th first draft of a novel… and this TIME I DID IT ALL BY HAND. And boy was it sore tonight. Not sure if it was the excitement of being almost done or the slim signature I made that hurt it. But I did it. Autumn Chase defeated the daemon with the help of the power of creation from the lifebox. She then buried it (shhh, it’s a SEKRIT! She won’t tell you) and went back to the Order and told them it was destroyed. I then gave her a vacation with Chad, somewhere warm.. where she wanted.

I’m relieved that I am done. For a brief moment tonight, I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough words to finish with. And amazingly I did. We tried to go out to dinner for fish to celebrate but no one was open at 9pm. Oh well, maybe some other time.

Now I wait to submit a manuscript of words to the NaNoWriMo site (which validates my authenticity as a winner) and then get my certificate, and winner’s badge. Then I’ll try and relax for the next month and give my hand a break from any hardcore writing. I’m planning on vegging out with lots of good books for the next month and a half.

(And write essays. I have been looking forward to writing a few new essays. Besides, my mind needs a break from the whole novel writing routine for a spell.)

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