Day Sixteen, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 3421 for a total of 47791

Today’s points didn’t go as planned. Actually it was all quite messy and I wish I could take them back but I can’t. I don’t think I planned these points out well at all. For some reason I planned to have Inca and Autumn chat about life, the universe, and everything for 3000 words that would lead up to the big climax.

That sort of was boring and didn’t happen. That and the two opposing viewpoints (god is machine and does not exist versus god does exist because I came from there!) just didn’t come out of me because I really do not see either point in myself. *shrug* oh well. I did get them talking for a little bit, however. Mostly because I needed to buy Autumn some more time to read the scroll and figure out what to say. She finally figured it out though, good girl.

Then I had her sing and breathe the intonations to unlock the box. And it opened, filling her head with all the memories and things that the owner of the box put inside… in this case… God. I now have 2500 words left. I am sitting on a cliffhanger that involves another energy ball from Inca and what Autumn will do.

I finished my journal today as well. Had I written smaller in the first 5 days I think I would have had enough room to get all 50k words in there. Tonight I’ll make another 10 page signature. That way I can finish up the novel in that and slip it into the back of the book so it all will be self contained. I am going to be done a day sooner than I anticipated. Which makes me glad because I am so ready to move on with this.

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