Day Fifteen, NaNoWriMo 08

Word Count: 3365 for a total of 44370

Getting down to the wire, I’m almost finished! Today I wrote the first confrontation between Autumn and Inca. I originally planned that it was going to be some sort of physical duel, with them barely escaping. Instead things got a bit mental and metaphysical. They dueled in Autumn’s head, which gave me a some space to get them talking… show a bit of attraction, etc. and let Inca know he meant business.

Then I got the three out of there and on a plane back to Portland. Everyone has now been caught up and the plan is to keep Autumn on the run, shuffled off to various safe-houses, as she works on deciphering the scroll. Basically this catches the storyline up to the “present”. It also sets me up to make the final transition back to the final duel between Autumn and Inca on the streets of Portland. I’m not very good at transitions between scenes and time but I managed it. Tomorrow we return to the story’s present as I work to set up the big climax and battle.

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